Covid-19 Update

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Covid-19 Update

We are continually working to maintain a safe environment for guests and employees. 

Grand Canal Hotel has been awarded the Failte Ireland Safety Charter in recognition of the health and safety procedures and precautions put in place post covid. Due to the ever involving situation, employees are partaking in continuous training in order to ensure that the most recent HSE guidelines and Failte Ireland recommendations are in place. Our Health & Safety Procedures are reviewed constantly and guests can feel safe and secure that every effort is being taken to reduce the risk of infection. 

Some of the changes taking place behind the scenes, and that our guests will notice, include:

Arrival & Reception

• Contactless payment, such as credit cards, will be encouraged.
• Key cards will be sanitised before distribution to new guests.
• Receipts will be emailed to guests, where possible, to avoid unnecessary contact.
• Hand sanitisers will be visible, and plentiful, throughout the hotel with particular focus on the hotel lobby, lift lobbies, hotel entrance, reception and our food and beverage outlets.
• Foot pedals have been installed for guest area doors that are not automatic.


• Suitable cleaning products and disinfectants will ensure best possible protection against bacteria and viruses.
• Bedroom cleanliness was always a core Grand Canal Hotel value but a new emphasis will ensure key touchpoints - high contact areas and hard surfaces such as remote controls, light switches, telephones, door handles – are appropriately sanitised.
• A dedicated employee will be on duty to sanitise all guest areas at regular intervals including doors, lifts, handrails and toilet areas.
• All employees will receive retraining on the additional cleaning measures being implemented to ensure hygiene standards are at the highest possible level.

Employees and Training

• Appointment of a Covid-19 Lead Representative Worker to our Safety Team.
• HSE Hand Washing Techniques will be reiterated to all employees returning to work for the first time after our closure.
• There will be immediate online training and induction for returning staff as well as re-fresher courses.
• PPE such as plastic aprons, masks and gloves will be provided to employees where appropriate.
• Employee rosters will be arranged to ensure limited contact between team members.
• Employees taking public transport will not arrive in uniform - additional showers and changing facilities will be provided to assist with changing into hotel uniforms.
• Hotel management will actively encourage preventative measures against Covid-19 eg hand washing and respiratory hygiene.
• Full training will be provided to employees on how to deal with suspected cases of Covid-19 either from a fellow employee or a guest (isolation, reporting, contact tracing).

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Guest and Employee Safety

Management of the Grand Canal Hotel understand the importance of our Duty of Care towards both guests and loyal employees. Every decision taken during, and after, the reopening has reflected this sentiment.

Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Donna Curry

General Manager

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