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St Patricks Day, or the Feast of St Patrick, is held on the 17th of March every year, on the known death day of the most famous patron saint of Ireland; Saint Patrick. 

Back in the 5th century, Patrick was captured as a young boy of 16 and brought to Ireland as a slave, to look after sheep. After just six years, he escaped home and became a Priest, where he had a dream that God spoke to him and told him that the people of Ireland needed him to return to teach them about Christianity.  Patrick agreed and returned to Ireland once more to convert the Irish people from Paganism to Christianity.

It was from here that he was said to have used a Shamrock with three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people, which is why it is so prominent in todays Irish celebrations. He was also said to have banished all the 'snakes' or 'evil spirits' from the island for the Irish people. 

Patrick became a Bishop during his time in Ireland, and when he died, they made him the patron saint. St Patricks Day became a massive celebration after Irish people started immigrating to America and celebrating St Patricks Day was a good way for them to connect back to their Irish roots after they had moved away from the Island. The first ever Saint Patricks Day Parade was held in Boston in 1737. 

Wearing green during St Patricks Day also didn't come about until 1798; when the Irish soldiers were fighting the British during the Irish Rebellion, they wore green. The colour Green was then linked to the Shamrock, and it forever became the colour that we wear to celebrate St Patricks Day today. 


St Patricks Day at the Grand Canal Hotel 

St Patricks Day Festival may have been cancelled, but there is no reason you can't still celebrate in your own little way!
This year the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin has a fantastic St Patricks Day on offer, with overnight accommodation for two people, full Irish breakfast, secure parking,  and to make it all the more appealing we are also giving you a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream Liquor and a box of Butler's Irish Chocolates in your room for you to enjoy as well as a complimentary Irish coffee served in either the Canal Express or the Gasworks Bar.
At such amazing value, there is no better way to spend St Patricks Day than at the heart of the city, relaxed and enjoying yourself as much as you can.
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What to do before St Patrick's Day

Festivals and parades aren't the only way to experience Irish Culture and Heritage while you are visiting Dublin. There are plenty of things to see and do to get you into the Irish spirit before, during and after St Patricks Day.

Temple Bar - You don't get much more Irish than taking a leisurely stroll around Temple Bar. You can soak up the amazingly cheery atmosphere while listening to one of the many aspiring musicians playing on the corners. With plenty of places to stop for food and drink, and even more shops selling traditional woollen jumpers and other Irish goodies, Temple Bar is a must for anyone visiting Dublin.

Trinity College - Ireland's most renowned college, a cobblestone courtyard leads you onto the main grounds of the breath-taking buildings that tower above you. With many brilliant minds having studied within the walls, it's hard not to be impressed by the establishment that produced the likes of poet and writer Oscar Wilde, CEO of Ryan Air, Michael O'Leary and novelist Samuel Beckett. Trinity College is also home to two of the four volumes of the infamous Book Of Kells, which is kept in the Trinity College Library for viewing by the public.

Molly Malone - Many people know the songs and stories of Dublin's Molly Malone, and a visit to her statue while you are in Dublin is an absolute must. Molly is a larger than life statue depicting a young woman with a cart selling food to the onlookers, and she currently resides in front of St Andrews church after being moved from the bottom of Grafton Street. The old legend of touching the statue to bring you good luck still is often passed among tourists and you often have to wait a little for your turn to take a picture with her.

In The Footsteps of St Patrick - What would a trip to Dublin be around the 17th of March without a trip to the St Patricks Cathedral? This amazing tour will walk you through St Patrick's story in Dublin, and even the areas of Dublin Patrick himself would have walked in his time here.. With the price of the visit to the Cathedral included in your ticket, this is a tour not to be missed as you become an expert on all things St Patrick. For more information on this tour, click here.


The Grand Canal Hotel is right at the heart of the city, and no more than a thirty minute walk to anything mentioned above. We are the perfect place to stay when visiting Dublin to celebrate all things Irish, and you can check our room availability here.. but hurry! Rooms are going fast for these popular dates!


Coming to Dublin another time? 

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